Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sawajiri Erika divorce

Actress, Sawajiri Erika (24), appeared at the CM presentation press conference for the “Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic” on the 28th.

Many of the press corps asked Sawajiri about the divorce negotiations with her husband, Takashiro Tsuyoshi. She plans on filing the official divorce papers on May 16th. Sawajiri commented with a refreshing smile, “I’ve lost faith in him and I wasn’t able to get it back”.
Sawajiri also commented on the tabloid rumor about a possible new love with a marijuana cultivator. “That’s completely groundless. We’re only acquaintances and at the time I didn’t know what he was doing. He told me he was a DJ, Takashiro claimed he was my lover, but that’s not true at all. We’ve only gone to clubs and eaten out as friends. He’s only been to my house maybe once or twice”.
Despite all of the drama surrounding Sawajiri’s personal life, she answered a few questions about her actual work activities in the future, “I’ve received quite a lot of movie offers. I’m still at a troubled stage in my life, but I want to continue acting. I would love to stand in front of everyone soon. But, I’m naturally scared. I know I may make mistakes, but regardless of that, I’m determined to act again. We’re currently trying to coordinate everything so that I can appear in a movie by next year. In the meantime, I would like to try being in a drama or play“.
It is said that Sawajiri refreshed her body for her new CM “Sawajiri Erika, Akujo Densetsu” and worked on her complexion. The CM will start airing on TV nation-wide on March 7th.

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